What is Cultural Intelligence (CQ)?

Cultural Intelligence, or CQ, is the capability to work and relate effectively across any number of different cultural contexts.

These days, there are many ways to have conflict or misunderstandings with people where we live and work. Do you work with people who have come from other countries or with a diversity of cultures closer to home? Do you work with refugees? Or maybe you work with people from different ethnicities, gender orientations or generational or organizational cultural differences?

What can be done to train ourselves and others to be more effective in working across cultures? A lot.

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“I really appreciate Leslie’s commitment to Christ-centered education, her deep relationships with leaders and teachers in our national Christian schools and her obvious love for students. She has a way of working with students which challenges them to see the bigger picture of what God wants to do in their lives and invites them into a process of spiritual and personal growth.”
Paul Madsen, Consultant- Europe Region, Association of Christian Schools International