Leslie P Johnson


Up to this point, I have talked about what Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is, why we need it, and how to start developing it in ourselves. Once again, CQ is the capability to function effectively across various cultural contexts(national, ethnic, organizational, generational, etc.) In my last blog, I talked about cultural humility and the need to “focus on the other: the other person from another culture is the expert and has the answers. I am here… Read More

Once we develop our drive and motivation, we need to grow in our KNOWLEDGE of the “others” around us. Are we ready to ask good questions to truly learn about those around us who may be or look different? Or act or think differently? Who are those in our community that are different from us? What do we need to learn about them to help us gain empathy and understanding for them?… Read More

He is risen! He is risen, indeed! The call to one another on Easter (or Resurrection Day as some of us like to say) is as ancient as the Christian religion. Our tendency to be against one another is more ancient, since Cain and Abel. And yet, there’s hope. He is risen! He is risen indeed! It is because of Christ’s resurrection that we are who we are: followers of Christ. That… Read More

When do we strive for unity? And when do we need to agree to disagree? Because we are diverse, and because unity is different parts being combined into a unified whole (see the March 9 blog on Unity), we have a choice. Do we just conduct our lives living as separate people, not connecting, not living in community where we care for one another and really communicate? Or Do we choose to… Read More

Life goes up and down and all around. And through it all, we have those around us who are close loved ones, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, colleagues. We are thankful for those who are close, who accept us as we are. Even when we disagree. And then there are those people. People who are different. Or disagree with us. They just don’t fit in with our life. We must be honest. There are… Read More

There is nothing easy about developing into Culturally Intelligent Communities. However, we can start with five not-so-easy but important steps. First, we must have the DRIVE, the motivation, to grow and learn. Do we WANT our community to be a thriving, healthy, and safe environment where we can all flourish, using our differences for strength? Are we seeing those around us in need? Are we willing to do the work of becoming… Read More